Look Mexico 「Uniola」

Uniola cover art
Country: Florida, US
Release Year: 2016
Label: Tiny Engines
For Fans Of: Certain People I Know/Colour/Everyone Everywhere(US)

Track List:
1. Ride Or Die, Remember?
2. Well, Kansas Ain't What It Used To Be
3. You're Lucky You Didn't Lose Your Arms
4. I Even Got This Scare To Match
5. Next Time, Send A Limo
6. We Are Groot
7. Ice? Yeah, You Could Chisel Some Off Your Heart, If You Could Find It
8. Ok, Ok, I'll Turn Down The Music
9. My Superman Seat-Grab Barrel Roll? I'm Still Working On It
10. I Was Raised With A Different Kind Of Loyalty. You Know What I Mean I Vote No(Remember Second You Go Through The Door, Everything Changes. Our Old Life Is Done)
11. That Was The Frame Thrower. Use The Rockets


お久しぶりなLook Mexico。Mathなアプローチが多く、展開も複雑ですがメロディがキャッチーなのでとても聴きやすいです。前回のアルバムではもっとシンプルな印象がありましたが、今作では本来のMath/Emoに特化したトラックリストとなっております。

今年リリースされたInto It. Over It.の"Standards"は様々なインストゥルメントを用いた実験的な要素が多かったですが、Look Mexicoの今作もシンパシーを感じる部分があります。


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